Painuo in CPhI China 2019


  From June 18 to June 21,CPhI & P-MEC China 2019 which the 19th world pharmaceutical raw materials in China exhibition was held in Shanghai new international expo center. JiLin Painuo biotech corporation participated in this expo.


 At the exhibition, Painuo has presented a series of raw material and final products,such as  PINOLENIC ACID, PINE NUT PEPTIDE, a natural PINE NUT ESSENTIAL OIL, the solution of omega3/6/9 MICROCAPSULATION series , green planting and feeding.


 During the exhibition, we have negotiated with customers and got a more comprehensive understanding of development trends of domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, we holding a lectures about the mechanism and application of Pinolenic Acid, has showed the company's characteristic business model and development prospects. It has attracted the interest of overseas buyers from Italy, southeast Asia and Europe,and reached the deep intention of cooperation in the future.  

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