Meihekou Pine Nut Trading Platform And E-commerce Platform Were Officially Put Into Operation

On October 29, 2018, the government of Meihekou and Tianjin Bohai Commodity Exchange co., LTD., the two sides have signed a cooperation agreement about P2C e-commerce platform.In 2014, Jilin Nade biotechnology co., LTD and Tianjin Bohai Commodity Exchange co., Ltd. in order to pine nut trading platform as the forerunner, grafting in succession such as corn, rice, wood and so on.


In 2019, Bohai Exchange will take Meihekou cooperation as the priority in North-East of China, combined with the advantages of Meihekou in nuts , trade status, use of Bohai business technology and the advantages of the platform,  striving to Meihekou Pine nut trading platform as the model Northeast area of China model!

 Meihekou P2C e-commerce platform is committed to creating the concept of P2C e-commerce. The sales of agricultural products go directly from the production enterprises to the consumer.

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