Jilin Painuo Biotech Corporation has won the title of “The Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology”


 On February 15, New District of Changchun held the 2019 work conference, which thoroughly implemented the spirit of the central, focused on the "three grasp" , defined the development goals and tasks for the next three years, and arranged the key work in 2019.

 In the meeting, New District of Changchun plans to establish a modern industrial system characterized by openness and innovation in the next three years.

 The meeting commended the enterprises with outstanding contributions in New District in 2018.Jilin Painuo Biotech co., ltd. has won the title of “The Top 10 Innovative Enterprises In Science and Technology” in 2018.


  The honor is a full affirmation of the develpment of Jilin Painuo more than 20 years by provincial and municipal governments.

  In 2019, Jilin Painuo will continue to take the scientific and technological innovation as the guide, rely on the Korean pine and other characteristic resources of Jilin province,develop into the leader enterprise of Korean pine fine and deep processing industry.

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